Sampson & Young was a difficult project with a very short duration and required extended overtime and weekend work with flexible staffing. Project coordination was key in meeting the project deadline and Nelson & Affiliates performed an integral role in the project’s completion. Premier would recommend Nelson & Affiliates without hesitation.

Steve Hancock — Premier Commercial Construction

Time is money. We all know, the longer a project drags out, the more money it costs all parties involved. Nelson and Affiliates, Inc. is proud to have the reputation that we drive a project to completion. This reputation has been earned many times over by consistently delivering projects on time, even when this task has seemed impossible.

We take pride in meeting our deadlines, from completing the addition of skyboxes before the first home game of the football season, to turning over new classrooms for the kids to use at the start of their school year to allowing the new store to open in time for the holiday season, Nelson and Affiliates, Inc. gets the job done!

You can rest assured, if you award a project to Nelson and Affiliates, we will do our part to insure our scope of work is completed on time without compromising quality.

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