In it’s over 17 years of specializing in drywall work on large and small projects alike, Nelson and Affiliates, Inc. has installed nearly every type of gypsum board product available in a vast many types of assemblies, configurations and finishes.

From the standard type “X” fire rated drywall to 1/4″ Hi Flex panels on curved construction to various levels of abuse resistant board to sound control drywall, we have not only seen and heard of, but most likely have successfully installed about any type of gypsum board product you can think of. We use our extensive knowledge of the products available to assist the Construction Managers with determining the most efficient and best suited gypsum board products available for the various conditions that will be present on our jobsites.

In addition to the standard fire rated and non-fire rated panels. We have also installed various types of mold and moisture resistant drywall and cementitious drywall products. Along with these, we

Some of the specialized gypsum products we have installed for sound control are SoundBreak® XP® panels by National Gypsum and a variety of different types of QuietRock® panels.

One type of drywall that we see being specified more often on today’s projects are the abuse resistant panels. As the demand for this type of product has been increasing, the options available have grown to be quite numerous. Nelson and Affiliates, Inc. has extensive hands on experience with many of the available products. From the high impact panels such as USG® Fiberock® VHI (Very High Impact) and Gold Bond® Hi-Impact® XP® to high abuse panels such as Fiberock® A/R and Hi-Abuse® XP® to a multitude of other abuse resistant panels such as Mold Tough® A/R, and ToughRock®. Nelson and Affiliates, Inc. has even installed bullet proof panels on multiple projects, from Level 1 up to and including Level 6 protection!

Additional types of interior gypsum products we have installed include shaft liner panels, lead lined drywall (with lead thicknesses from 1/16″ up to 5/16″ thick), paperless drywall, pre-decorated panels, various types of moisture resistant panels and the newly available Ultralight® line of panels.

The exterior finishes of today’s structures have a wide array of possibilities. To coincide, the gypsum board manufacturers have expanded their product lines to meet the variety of applications. Nelson and Affiliates, Inc. has once again risen to the challenge and can offer extensive hands on experience with a wide range of these as well. Most of the projects in recent years have been specifying glass-mat sheathing products. In addition to the ever familiar DensGlass® line of products, we have also installed GlasRoc® by CertainTeed® and a vast amount of USG® Securock®. For projects that do not specify the glass-mat sheathing, we have installed panels of standard gypsum board sheathing, exterior soffit board sheathing and cement board sheathing such as Durock® and Permabase®.

In addition to the wide array of drywall panel products listed above, we also have extensive experience in many types of drywall finishes. From the standard levels of finish 1 through 5, we also install a variety textures, both spray and trowel applied. From popcorn, to knock down, gypsum to plaster and even including being a certified installer of StarSilent® Acoustical Plaster.

Nelson and Affiliates, Inc. has also installed miles upon miles of drywall reveals and moldings, from vinyl to galvanized to aluminum, we have done it all. In addition to the purely aesthetic gypsum board reveals, we have also provided and installed many control joints and expansion joint covers and systems within our gypsum board installations, including fire rated, smoke rated and sound rated assemblies.

An ever present consideration with gypsum board systems, as well as nearly any building system, are the required life safety ratings for smoke and fire resistance. Nelson and Affiliates, Inc. has a tremendous amount of experience with a multitude of rated assemblies. We have successfully installed numerous UL® listed assemblies for walls (including the newer head of wall requirements), floors, edge of slab, ceilings and roof assemblies and the penetrations through them. Nelson and Affiliates, Inc. even has the spray equipment at their disposal that is required for a number of specific UL® tests.

If it’s part of a gypsum board system, chances are, Nelson and Affiliates, Inc. has successfully installed it!

Sampson & Young was a difficult project with a very short duration and required extended overtime and weekend work with flexible staffing. Project coordination was key in meeting the project deadline and Nelson & Affiliates performed an integral role in the project’s completion. Premier would recommend Nelson & Affiliates without hesitation.

Steve Hancock — Premier Commercial Construction