Light-Gauge Metal Trusses

Nelson and Affiliates, Inc. is a one stop shop for your light gauge metal stud truss needs. We fabricate and install our own trusses for our projects. There is no need to issue and manage separate contracts for your light gauge metal truss needs when you have us on your project.

We added the dedicated fabrication shop to our facilities over 6 years ago and have manufactured, shipped and installed a tremendous amount of light gauge metal trusses from this shop since. The majority of demand has been for roof trusses, however we have also fabricated and installed floor trusses along with additional custom fabricated items.

Our custom light gauge metal trusses are fabricated from the same standard familiar Cee studs we utilize in our structural metal stud framing. All of our trusses are specialty engineered and designed by registered engineers and go through multiple quality control checks and double checks before, during and after fabrication to insure only the highest quality fabrication leaves our shop!

I have worked with Nelson and Affiliates for approximately the last 20 years. During that time they have performed metal framing, drywall, acoustical ceilings, light gauge trusses, stucco and EIFS systems. My past experience with them has been that they are a very reputable company who will man the job properly with good experienced craftsman.

Glen Jager — Ajax Building Corporation