Exterior Finish Systems

Nelson and Affiliates, Inc. has been contracted for many projects in which part of our scope has been the exterior finish system.

The most commonly used systems we are contracted for are EIFS – Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, Conventional Stucco, or some combination of the two. We have also successfully completed projects using Coquina stucco and other projects using StyroCrete® to mimic precast exterior columns when the project schedule and budget did not allow for the feasibility of precast concrete.

We typically use Dryvit® systems and coatings, however we also use other manufacturers when the need arises, such as Parex®.

With the vast number of Exterior Finish System options available to provide for a wide variety of aesthetically appealing, durable and economical choices for your building, we are proud to be able to install such an important part of the project.

Their project manager and superintendent are highly experienced and provide a professional working relationship with the coordination of other trades on the project. The office support staff provides all of the necessary paperwork for the project in a timely manner. Baycrest Corp would certainly recommend Nelson & Affiliates for other projects.

Gary Meredith — Baycrest Corporation